Change Champion

I would like to quickly share the quick profile that I wrote about the Municipal Coordinating Director here at the Yendi Assembly for the G&RI Quarterly Report. Director is getting transferred to Tamale Metropolitan Assembly next week, and he will be sorely missed! He has been a really great mentor to me; he can always lift my motivation sky high, and he’s always laughing and in a good mood. This guy has been in this field for a while now, and still holds a powerful passion for local governance that is really inspiring!

Change Champion: Alhaji Shehu A. Kadiri, Municipal Coordinating Director, Yendi Municipal Assembly

Yendi Municipal Assembly is a growing district of over 180,000 people in the Northern Region of Ghana. The unique challenges that Yendi presents have not stopped M. Kadri from letting his passion and optimism for development shine through. M. Kadri has worked in several Assemblies since 1990, yet still takes a personal approach at each one as his empathy for people leads his work. Recently, the Coordinating Director has completed a Masters in Philosophy in Development Studies, all while holding his leadership position in Yendi. M. Kadri finds his passion born from the challenges that arise in his work. He explains how the local government is involved in every aspect of human life, from birth until old age. The ultimate objective to bettering human life is one with which he highly identifies. M. Kadri will soon be moving once again to work as the Coordinating Director at Tamale Metro; the Assembly will certainly be in good hands!


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